All About Client Segmentation

By AGF Management Limited

Create a segmentation strategy that fits your business model and preferred clientele.

Research shows that most advisory profits (not revenue, but profits) come from 5% to 10% of clients. So, knowing who your most valuable clients are and why is worthwhile.

This course will help you develop a client segmentation strategy and put it into practice in the daily operation of your business. The presenter, industry veteran George Hartman, offers practical client examples throughout, discusses whether you should be transparent and tell clients about your segmentation strategy, and reminds viewers that every client is entitled to the full service they require regardless of where they fall on a segmentation grid.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • what client segmentation means and how it’s used in marketing, sales and service
  • how to determine levels of segmentation based on segmentation criteria
  • steps to segment clients, and how to determine service levels for each segment
  • how a segmentation strategy works in practice, exceptions to the strategy and how often to review the strategy

George Hartman has more than 40 years’ experience in financial services as an advisor, manager, executive, educator, coach and author. He applies his experience and skill as founder and CEO of Market Logics Inc., a firm that provides consulting services and intelligence-based solutions to businesses and entrepreneurs.

Accreditation for this course is pending.

All About Client Segmentation

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